CAO Arcana Series Mortal Coil cover

CAO Arcana Series Mortal Coil

Prefazione del produttore
CAO Mortal Coil features andullo tobacco, a technique that coils cured leaves in palm pods to ferment, lending exceptional flavor.
Sometimes you find unexplored territory in your own backyard. We’ve been sourcing tobacco from the DR for years but we’ve never worked with andullo tobacco, a relatively rare, centuries-old technique that involves taking cured tobacco leaves and tightly coiling them in palm tree pods called “yaguas” to ferment. This process yields a dark, leathery tobacco with a taste profile that is both strong and sweet. CAO Mortal Coil blends this rare tobacco inside a USA Broadleaf wrapper for a unique cigar that’s uncommonly flavorful.

Vitola: toro
Lunghezza: 152 mm
Cepo: 50
Diametro: Ø 20 mm
Paese di produzione: Rep. Dominicana
Wrapper/Capa/Fascia: USA Broadleaf
Binder/Capote/Sottofascia: USA Connecticut Shade
Filler/Tripa/Ripieno: Honduras Jamastran, Nicaragua Estelì, Rep. Dominicana Andullo
Confezionamento: box da 20 sigari
Prezzo attuale: box € 230 / singolo sigaro € 11,50
Cod. ADM: 20328

CAO Arcana Series Mortal Coil sigaro

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