Craig Tarler


Nella notte del 4 settembre è morto Craig Tarler, fondatore della casa produttrice di miscele per pipa Cornell & Diehl Inc, e grandissimo master blender americano conosciuto in tutto il mondo. 
L’azienda ne da il triste annuncio tramite un comunicato che qui riportiamo.


For the past twenty three years Craig and his partner and love of his life Patty devoted themselves to their family and his great passion, pipe tobacco and pipe smokers. Craig found pipe smokers to be among the most interesting of the people he met during his rich and full life and years of traveling the world. His genuine love of people and friendly, outgoing and larger than life personality was evident to all who came in contact with him, whether by phone or in person. On many occasions visitors would come by to visit at Cornell & Diehl and all had the same reaction, that they felt they already knew Craig and Patty from getting to know them on the phone and felt they were visiting with an old friend on their first face to face meeting.

While Craig will certainly be missed by all whose lives he touched he wouldn’t want us to be saddened by his leaving. He viewed life as a wonderful adventure, meant to be savored and experienced to the fullest and shared with others. Selfishness was a foreign concept to Craig; he gave fully and freely of himself to all he came in contact with and would wish to be remembered with a smile and a heart full of good will for others. Though our world here on earth is a bit darker, we should all be heartened by the knowledge Heaven is a bit brighter, lit by Craig’s rogueish, joyful smile and his booming voice announcing his arrival with the words, “Oh, what fun!”

 The Tarler Family asks that in lieu of flowers donations be made to favorite charities to carry on Craig’s love and concern for those less fortunate.



Grazie di tutto per le tue fantastiche miscele, Craig!

Fuma in pace!