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Eating and drinking are primary functions that provide energy to our body, but nutrition can be called a modern multidisciplinary science.

Through a qualitative and objective analysis it’s possible to discover, or rediscover, the characteristics that make a particular moment a source of pleasure and fun through sensory analysis. Only the knowledge of what we are eating, drinking or smoking allows us to express objective evaluations, unrelated to the conditioning of others or our own habits.

Pairing is an operation that allows us to better appreciate two elements by creating a game in which they reinforce each other in a coherent balance of sensations, without any predominance or submission of either.

In addition to wine and liqueurs, it’s possible to pairing food with water, beers, teas, coffees, sake and cigars. It’s important to know the potential of each product in order to achieve a good pairing.

Why you should pairing?

The art of knowing how to pairing is a continuous challenge with oneself, it means discovering everything about different types of products, through continuous research that must overcome the initial emotion or the thought of not being sufficiently prepared on the subject.

The theme of pairing, today, is no longer an exclusive thing for the professionists in the hospitality industry, but involves a significant number of enthusiasts. Ask yourself questions in this case is fundamental because they allow us to know the why of things.

For example: is it always true that a white wine can only be paired with fish-based dishes?
Why do we hear that the perfect pairing for a Cuban cigar is with the Spanish Ron? Is it purely linked to Caribbean traditions or is there something more behind this choice?

These questions, at first sight trivial, actually push people to be curious, and it’s curiosity that stimulates them to go to the roots of flavors and tastes sensations that motivate the preference of a product rather than a other. Furthermore, only by asking youselft questions we can find answers that very often help us to understand certain products. Understanding a product means knowing where it’s born, what is its processing method, what are its legislative classifications, how it’s tasted individually or with a pairing; these are the answers that can be found through curiosity.


In this first article on the world of pairing we have seen that it’s possible to evaluate a product differently, focusing mainly on an objective analysis. Then we gave a definition of pairing and why it should be done. Finally we have understood the importance of curiosity in the world of pairing, a source of stimuli that push us to experiment and improve ourselves more and more.

Next week we will continue this deepening …


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