Konishi Hiyashibori Gold eng

Konishi Hiyashibori Gold

Brewery: Konishi Shuzo
Style: Daiginjo.
Seimaibuai (rice residue): 50%.
Production area: Kansai region, Hyogo prefecture (renowned for being one of the most important sake producing areas in Japan).
Temperature of service: 10-15 °C.
Alcohol By Volume: 15% vol.

The Brewery

Founded in 1550 by the Konishi family, Konishi Shuzo is the oldest family-owned sake brewery in all of Japan. Throughout history, the Konishi family has remained at the forefront of sake production and innovation, their brewery is still one of the most popular in Japan today. The Konishi brand is reserved for their latest experiments, trying to combine innovation and tradition with over 450 years of experience in the production of sake.

The Sakè

The Sake Konishi Hiyashibori Gold is clear, with a straw color. The aromas are intense and rather complex on the nose. The bouquet includes citrus and floral hints reminiscent of the rose. The entry into the mouth is intense, when tasted it is fresh and rather soft. It is a balance sake with a medium-bodied and with a medium taste-olfactory persistence.

Foods in pairing: Soft cheeses, second courses based on grilled meat and grilled fish.

Cigars in pairing: Nub Sun Grown 358, Partagas Serie D No.6, Ambasciator Italico Maturo


The Sake Konishi Hiyashibori Gold is an interesting sake with an excellent quality-price ratio. It can be drunk throughout the meal and in pairing with soft cheeses, grilled meat or fish and in pairing with medium-bodied cigars.

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