La Rulles Brune Stout Gaumais

La Rulles Brune

Brewery: Brasserie Artisanale De Rulles.
Production area: Rulles, Habay, Belgio.
Production style: Belgian Dark Ale.
Fermentation type: High.
Alcoholic Strength: 6.5% vol.
Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C.

The brewery

The Rulles brewery currently produces around 4,000 hectoliters of beer per year, with a high fermentation process in open vats. During processing, water coming directly from the Anlier forest is used, particularly low in minerals, which gives their beers considerable freshness.

The beer

The Rulles Brune beer shows a brown color and a veiled clarity. The foam is white and thick, with the bubbles that can be defined as rather fine. The nose is intense, the bouquet is characterized by hints of toasted barley, coffee and yeast surrounded by hints of fresh fruit reminiscent of black currant. In the mouth it is lively with a medium intense effervescence, its initial softness is balanced by a slight bitter finish. Rulles Brune a beer with a full body, short persistence, rather balanced, certainly more intense on the nose than in the mouth.
Food matches: Perfect with bread or croutons accompanied by hard cheeses such as Tuscan pecorino or grilled meats.

Cigars in combination: If you choose to combine this beer with a cigar, we recommend serving it at a temperature closer to the ambient temperature in order to enhance the softness and soften the slightly bitter finish in the mouth: Alec Bradley Black Market Estelì or CAO Pilon.


The Rulles Brune Beer is a beer in perfect Belgian Dark Ale style, certainly more intense in the nose than in the mouth, where its short persistence prevents it from reaching full flavor balance. Excellent with aged cheeses, with grilled meats and medium structured cigars.

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