mirko pastorelli

This first article is presentation of a “new” section that we will be inaugurating on Gusto Tabacco.

This section will deal with the world of pairings: from the principles of the pairing itself, its historical and cultural evolution and the analysis of the main criteria of the modern pairing, to then move on to the real protagonist, the cigar. The pairing between cigar and drink is a possible and tested marriage; as we shall see in the course of the next articles, it’s not limited only to spirits, but to all types of drinks. Furthermore, different types of products will be presented and described, proposing and motivating a particular cigar-drink pairing.

The idea of ​​this section was born by myself, Mirko Pastorelli. I’m a Sommelier in a wheelchair (currently the first in Italy and the second in the world) and I asked to Daniele Vallesi (the creator of Gusto Tabacco) about the possibility of expanding the pairing section in his website because I believe I’m the right person to fill this section through my professional knowledge.

I hope that the future articles can arouse curiosity and interest in the readers of Gusto Tabacco.

Stay tuned!

Mirko Pastorelli

Sommelier professionista (ASPI Associazione Sommellerie Professionale Italiana) in sedia a rotelle pubblicato a livello internazionale con svariate esperienze nella ristorazione e nella organizzazione di eventi. Scrive di abbinamenti sigari - bevande su Gusto Tabacco.