North Halsted Street, 464, 60642 Chicago
  • Sigari Stranieri
  • Accessori

We decided to kick off the list with Tesa Cigar Co, because it’s an experience that you won’t find in any other cigar shop. This is Chicago’s best as far as private label cigars go. You may not find your favorites here–instead you’ll find something brand new and better. Just tell them what you usually smoke and they’ll point you to something in that same vein.

The humidor here is in fact the entire building. The owner (Chris Kelly) is passionate about smoking, and these fine cigars are rolled under his careful supervision in Nicaragua. The quality that you witness here is unparalleled.

The cigars themselves are displayed without cellophane for your viewing pleasure, and both Chris and his partner Brian will be happy to help you find the perfect cigar. They range from the most mild to the most full bodied.

The atmosphere is modern with lots of open space. There’s a deck and a large screen television for you to enjoy while you’re there, Bring your own drinks and enjoy this retreat from the usual!