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Vermouth Drapò Dry

The company: Turin Vermouth di Torino.
Wines used: Selection of fine national white wines.
Production area: Turin, Piedmont.
Infusion technique: Over 20 botanicals are cold macerated in hydroalcoholic solution creating a concentrate to which white wine, alcohol, water and sugar are added.
Maturation and Aging: After a rigorous filtering process, the Vermouth rests inside stainless steel tanks for a few weeks before being bottled.
Temperature of Service: 12-14 ° C.
Alcohol By Volume: 16% vol.

The company

The Turin Vermouth di Torino company was founded in 2013, with the ambitious goal of producing vermouth using traditional systems combined with cutting-edge technologies. The preparation of the botanical blends intended for infusion is still manual while technologically advanced equipment is used for extraction. It is currently the only vermouth producer in the city of Turin.


Drapò Dry vermouth is crystalline. The color is a straw yellow with straw reflections. The nose is intense, rather complex with a bouquet that recalls tropical fruits, cinnamon and cloves. In the mouth it reveals intense and dry with a bitter aftertaste. It is a medium-bodied vermouth with a medium taste-olfactory persistence.

Foods in pairing

Chocolate desserts, cinnamon creams, clove biscuits.

Cigars in pairing

Montecristo Media Corona, Trinidad Vigia, Nostrano Clandestino


Drapò Dry vermouth is a guarantee for those who love this type of product. Excellent both alone and as an ingredient for making cocktails, can be combined with chocolate-based desserts and medium-bodied cigars.

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