Alec Bradley Post Embargo (1)

Alec Bradley Post Embargo

Prefazione del produttore Alan Rubin
As a cigar maker with an award winning lineup from Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, it wasn’t easy to hear someone tell me that there are only two categories of cigars: Cubans and Non-Cubans. The passion and pride of the people from every cigar producing nation deserve credit for their artistry and craft. Rolled in Honduras, Post Embargo is a testament to the fact that there are far more than just two categories of cigars. Among a world of exceptional cigars, Post Embargo not only stands tall; it sets the mark for a higher level of enjoyment.

Alec Bradley Post Embargo robusto cigar sigaro

Vitola: robusto
Lunghezza: 127 mm
Cepo: 52
Diametro: Ø 20,6 mm
Paese di produzione: Honduras
Wrapper/Capa/Fascia: Honduras
Binder/Capote/Sottofascia: Nicaragua, Honduras
Filler/Tripa/Ripieno: Nicaragua, Honduras
Forza: medio/alta
Durata della fumata: 90’
Confezionamento: box da 20 sigari
Prezzo attuale: box € 176,00 / singolo sigaro € 8,80
Cod ADM: 19164


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