G.L. Pease Gaslight

G.L. Pease Gaslight

Prefazione del produttore

Gaslight is a rich Latakia mixture, structured with layers of mature red Virginias and spiced with Orientals. It’s pressed and aged in cakes, then cut into one ounce bars of about 1″ x 1″ x 2″. I opted for the bars rather than “brownies” like JackKnife and Triple Play, as it makes it a bit easier to slice; Latakia can be tough stuff. The result is deep, satisfying, dynamic, and very slow-burning. Be careful not to pack the pipe too tightly, or it’ll be hard to keep lit and will last forever. It develops beautifully in the bowl from first puff to ash.

Contenuto dichiarato: Virginia, Latakia e Orientali
Tipo miscela: english mixture
Taglio: plug
Forza: medio/alta
Complessità aromatica: alta
Tipo di fumata: appagante
Confezione: latta da 50 gr.
Prezzo attuale: Italia € 45,00 / USA $ 11,05 (2 once, 57 gr)
Cod. ADM: 19203

G.L. Pease Gaslight tin

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