G. L. Pease Westminster

G. L. Pease Westminster

Prefazione del produttore

The very essence of the traditional English mixture; rich, elegant, refined and exquisitely balanced. New World Red Virginias are enhanced with a gentle caress of bright leaf, then lavishly seasoned with rich Oriental tobaccos and generous measures of noble Cyprus mountain Latakia. Westminster is a satisfying blend, presenting layers of flavor to delight the senses and develop in the bowl. A perfect everyday English mixture. Full-bodied.

Contenuto dichiarato: Latakia, Orientali, Virginia
Tipo miscela: english mixture
Taglio: ribbon
Forza: media
Complessità aromatica: alta
Tipo di fumata: appagante
Confezione: latte da 50 gr.
Prezzo attuale: Italia € 45,00 / USA $13.50
Cod. AAMS: 19202

G. L. Pease Westminster cover tin

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