Lane Limited Andullo cover

Lane Limited Andullo

Prefazione del produttore

Andullo is created by wrapping cured cigar leaves tightly in palm tree pods and hanging them to ferment for two years. The result is a dense log up to six feet long and 5 inches in diameter. The tobacco is dark, leathery, and extremely robust. Dominicans have smoked Andullo as pipe tobacco for over 500 years, but it has gone largely undiscovered by American pipe smokers. We have combined it here with rich Black Cavendish, and added just a touch of Latakia.

Contenuto dichiarato: Andullo, Black Cavendish, Latakia
Tipo miscela: base Andullo
Taglio: ribbon
Forza: alta
Complessità aromatica: alta
Tipo di fumata: impegnativa
Confezione: latte da 50 gr.
Prezzo attuale: non in vendita in Italia / USA $ 9,18

Lane Limited Andullo tin

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