rattray s sir williams cover

Rattray’s Sir William British Collection

Prefazione del produttore

Sir William is a ready rubbed loose cut. The main ingredients are various selected Virginias, which are responsible for the round taste. Fired Kentucky, cured Indian and aromatic Thailand burley are then added, and topped by a light whiskey flavor. But in the end only requires one word to describe this blend aptly: a record!

Contenuto dichiarato: Virginia, Kentucky, Burley
Tipo miscela: aromatizzata
Aroma: whisky
Taglio: loose cut
Forza: bassa
Complessità aromatica: bassa
Tipo di fumata: superflua
Confezione: latte da 100 gr
Prezzo attuale: Italia € 33,00 / Germania € 18,80
Cod. ADM: 18822

rattray s sir williams tin

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