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Robert McConnell Old London

Prefazione del produttore

Selected red mottled leaf from Carolina, small Oriental leaves and Virginia, all combine to form the framework of this blend. All are left in bulk to merge and finally a quantity of Louisiana Perique as added. This blend is then hard pressed as in the old maritime method of “carrottes”. The resulting cake is then cut and stoved.

Contenuto dichiarato: Virginia, Orientali, Perique
Tipo miscela: english mixture
Taglio: pebble cut
Forza: media
Complessità aromatica: alta
Tipo di fumata: appagante
Confezione: latte da 100 gr.
Prezzo attuale: Italia € 39,50 / Germania € 21,60
Cod. ADM: 15631

robert mcconnell old london tin

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