Robert McConnell Sovereign

Robert McConnell Sovereign

Prefazione del produttore

A blend prepared an cut by craftsmen in a factory steeped in knowledge and experience. The unique Latakia of this blend is carefully matched with Turkish Dubec leaves to establish a first bouquet. Cool smoking and maturity are then assured by an equal proportion of jet black Cavendish which has matured in “Scotch Pressed” capable of heat and pressure. The addition of bright Carolina and Red Virginia imparts their mellow nutty flavour and the blend is completed. A connoisseur’s blend for those who are seeking the finest in Latakia mixtures.

Contenuto dichiarato: Latakia, Orientali, Black Cavendish, Virginia
Tipo miscela: english mixture
Taglio: ribbon
Forza: media
Complessità aromatica: media
Tipo di fumata: soddisfacente
Confezione: latte da 100 gr.
Prezzo attuale: Italia € 39,50 / Germania € 21,60
Cod. ADM: 15329

Robert McConnell Sovereign tin

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