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Three Nuns

Prefazione del produttore

Three Nuns is an iconic pipe tobacco. The blend was first introduced in Glasgow, Scotland by J & F Bell over 100 years ago. Few tobaccos are marketed for more than 100 years. Three Nuns is one of them.
A carefully selected Virginia leaf is the wrapper leaf of this spun tobacco. The spun rope contains tobaccos from 4 continents. The centre of each roll cake is a variety of Dark Fired Kentucky which adds a slight smoky note to the blend. This in combination with the natural sweet Virginia tobaccos guarantees a unique smoke.

Contenuto dichiarato: Virginia, Kentucky
Tipo miscela: base Virginia
Taglio: curly cut
Forza: bassa
Complessità aromatica: media
Tipo di fumata: rilassante
Confezione: latte da 50 gr.
Prezzo attuale: non in vendita in Italia / Germania € 17,20

Three Nuns tin

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