Robert McConnell Black Parrot

McConnell Black Parrot

ex Ashton Black Parrot

Prefazione del produttore
Virginia, Carolina & pure Louisiana perique, this unique square-cut tobacco emcompasses flavor, maturity and mellow smoking.

Dalla tin
Black Parrot is a unique square cut straight Virginia of crusted appearance formulated from a balanced blend of Virginia, Flavoury Carolina and pure Louisiana Perique. A blend that encom-passes flavour, maturity and mellow smoking. The serveral growths interact and the skill of the blender is exercised in arriving at a balance to tempt the palate. Made on the cold press “Scottish Press” method, the block of leaf is held for one day under pressure and heat and left for weeks to gently cool down and for the flavours to merge. The pressure is maintained and as the blend matures it darkens in colour to produce maturity and character. A great favourite with both young and experienced smokers worldwide.

Contenuto dichiarato: Virginia e Perique
Tipo miscela: base Virginia
Taglio: broken flake
Forza: media
Complessità aromatica: media
Tipo di fumata: appagante
Confezione: latte da 100 gr.
Prezzo attuale: Italia € 34,00 / Germania € 21,60
Cod. ADM: 15614

Robert-McConnell-Black-Parrot-blend tin

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